Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A more encouraging day

After my discouraging day yesterday, someone wrote that I would surely get some good encouragement from somewhere. And I did! Today someone I do not know (but who has been reading my blog)  unexpectedly dropped off the most precious letter and set of books for me at the nurses' station. I was pretty much bawling as I read about how my writings have touched her family in the midst of  their true suffering and struggle and she just wanted to tell me thank you and encourage me just the same. It was one of the most precious things in my life to receive such a letter. And it encouraged me more than anything lately.

Sometimes I feel so alone, almost selfish like I am the only one who is suffering in this world. But that's just not true. I know I am surrounded my truly sick people in this hospital who are clinging to the same hope I am and this letter reminded me of that. Not only that there are sick people out there, but she reminded me again that God does heal!  He is not bound by medical statistics and can defy doctors' grim predictions. He has before and He will again.

Several elders and pastors from our church have stopped by since I arrived to pray for Maggie and me. What a quiet and unglorified task to walk the halls of this hospital and visit with critically ill patients, many of whom are given such little hope. I have said it before, but it is times like these when  you really see the Church at work. It's many moving parts coming together to glorify God through its works. Paul tells us to get the elders of our church to pray over us if we are ill. I never before understood why. It's not like they have more magical healing powers or anything. But I think it is because they are the leaders of the church. They know how to lead us in prayer when we may not know what to pray for. I am not really sure exactly but I am thankful for it. On days when I just feel hopeless, someone else praying for me is so comforting. Like Justin and I are not bearing this burden alone.

Speaking of Justin, he is feeling better and I have "allowed" him entrance back into my hospital room after being banned for several days. The minute he started coughing, though, I made him put on  a surgical mask. Justin loves to talk (a good thing, hub, I promise) but he is learning to sense when I don't have the energy to make conversation and just need him to sit with me. So without complaint he watched the ever virtuous Melrose Place on the ancient hospital t.v. with me  until I fell asleep at 9 o'clock. Another day marked off the calendar...

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