Thursday, September 3, 2009

Margaret Lee Cordon

We are excited to announce our baby's name: Margaret Lee Cordon. We are going to call her "Maggie."

We chose "Lee" as the middle name because we wanted to use a family name and nothing seemed more appropriate than mine. The two of us will be forever bonded in a special way after this experience.

"Margaret" is a name we loved when I was pregnant with Mary Lawrence. We considered many names this time around but when I read that Margaret means "child of light" I knew it was the right one. I've been reading Psalm 139 a lot lately, which is familiar to many for it is the one about God "knitting together our inmost being.". But what is intriguing to me is that it goes on to say that God does this in a womb that is so dark the psalmist calls it the "depths of the earth." In ancient times, the mother's womb probably did seem dark and mysterious and almost like secret place. There were no ultrasounds that revealed the intricacies of life being formed week after week. Mothers weren't given that awesome gift of modern medicine: to see their baby moving and kicking and sucking their thumb on that marvelous screen.

With Maggie, I don't get the luxury of seeing all that on the screen either. The lack of amniotic fluid prevents us from seeing all the details of the baby. It makes me sad to compare ultrasound pictures from before and after this happened. Before I could see her perfectly formed body; now it is hard to distinguish anything. But that's why I love this psalm. Because it says that even though where Maggie is may seem dark and mysterious to us, it is not to God. For darkness is not dark to God, according to the psalm. To God, "darkness is like light."

The truth is that He can see clearly the little girl He is weaving together so perfectly, even though we can't. I don't have to be scared that I can't see what's going on, because I know that He can. And I don't have to be worried that there is so much unknown about little Maggie, because I can trust that she is "fearfully and wonderfully" made. As our minister told us last night, whether it is in this world or in Heaven with Him, our precious little Maggie will have life. For she is a child of Jesus, the ultimate "light" of the world.


  1. Wow! I absolutely love her name and the meaning behind it! She will cherish it forever! Hope you're doing well! I'm just a phone call away! :)

  2. i LOVE the name! i agree with your friends above. i love the name for its aesthetic beauty -- all three parts: margaret, lee, and maggie -- but i always love children's names that are chosen for something deeper than their aesthetic beauty or because they simply sound cool. margaret lee "maggie" cordon is both beautiful and deeply significant!

  3. What a beautiful name! I continue to think of you daily. Your strength is encouraging and keeps me going. I will continue to pray for your sweet little one and for you and Justin. Love you!

  4. That is a perfect name for your sweet girl!! I love it. Eliana and I pray for her every single night when I pray with her before bed!! Now we can pray for her by name.