Monday, August 31, 2009

Update from Doctor

Just got back from the specialist. Not much change from 2 weeks ago. There is about the same amount of fluid and I am thankful for that. They didn't do a full scan where they do all the measurements but will do it in another 2 weeks.

I know I should be more happy but honestly I was hoping that after another 2 weeks of bed rest there would be a lot more fluid. But even as the doctor said, even if there was more fluid that doesn't guarantee better results. (It would make me feel better, though!)

The next few weeks will be hard as I wait to go the hospital, but I pray that God lets me continue on this journey and that He gives me peace through it all. I also pray that He calms my anxious heart.

We need to continue to plead for this baby to be healthy - for her lungs to develop and for her to be able to breathe when she is born. Pray also that I make it as long as possible - to 34-35 weeks. The longer the baby is inside me the better.

Someone shared with me a story yesterday of a woman with a similar situation as mine. She was told to terminate her pregnancy on numerous occasions but instead chose life. Hundreds of people prayed for her baby throughout her pregnancy and God heard their prayers. She now has a little boy. Hearing that story  (see link on my blog) gave me more hope. I pray that can be our story, too!

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  1. Lee- we are thinking of you and continue to pray for you, your family and your sweet baby daily.
    Much love,
    Lindsey Brown