Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pour Our Your Power

Last week I was awakened at 5 am by the loudest boom of thunder I've ever heard in my life. I shot out of bed and looked out my window to find torrential rain flooding our streets and lighting bursting out of the sky every five seconds. I quickly turned out the news which thankfully confirmed the tornado warnings had passed. So I crawled back in bed and decided to just listen to the pounding thunder and rain above.

That's when I started thinking about how God's awesome power truly is and how He displays it for us so mightily in something so everyday as a thunderstorm. I began thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if I could just harness some of that power outside and bring it inside to where I need it?"

You are going to think I am crazy (and I was really tired, mind you) but I had the strongest urge to go outside and just stand in that powerful thunderstorm. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I could just imagine God's healing waters just pouring out onto me from the black clouds above. I can totally see how in times of desperation, some chronically ill people will flock to "healing" springs and fountains, because when things seem so hopeless, you just long to for God's power to be poured out onto you like rain.

Which brings me to the Bible story of the woman who bled for 12 years. This poor woman had probably searched for a cure, probably even visited a "magical" spring herself. The constant bleeding had probably left her drained, weak and filthy. Life for her was pretty bleak. Then one day while she is walking she sees who else but Jesus! The gospels don't say she cried out to him or tried to stop him as he was hurrying off with a large crowd. No, she just reached out and touched him. She had heard of and believed in his miraculous powers and had faith that if she just touched a little piece of his robe, his power would pour into her and heal her. And it did just that! "Your faith has healed you," Jesus told her.

I have visualized myself a lot lately reaching out and touching Jesus' robe, hoping my faith is as pure as that of the bleeding woman. How amazing would it be to feel His healing power like she did! But as much as I like to imagine it, I know I don't have to touch Jesus' robe to be healed. Nor do I need to harness the power of a thunderstorm to be made well for my baby. Jesus is right here with me. I just have to simply call out to Him. He hears my cries and knows my faith. He will show us his answer soon enough.

You know, it's funny that up until two weeks ago the summer here has been horribly hot and dry. No rain for over a month it seems. And then right as I am on bed rest we've had storm after storm. It's quite nice to hear a little rain when you are in bed all day, but it's even better to be reminded that God's awesome power is always at work around. Even in a thunderstorm.

"Lord, we ask that you pour out your healing power on us today. And we pray that I have an encouraging update at the doctor tomorrow."

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