Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update from Doctor

"Neither the pillar of cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people." Exodus 13:22

We had a good appointment today. The fluid levels were about the same (which is better than them going down!) but the encouraging news was that he saw fluid in the baby's stomach. This is important because it means the baby is swallowing fluid. And if she is swallowing fluid, it means that it's probably in her lungs! So that was great news for us.

I am so grateful that each time we go to the doctor it seems God gives us a little nugget of hope to continue on this very scary path. Some might chock it up to good luck or coincidence, but that would not be acknowledging and praising His obvious works. Looking back through the weeks, I can see God answering our prayers in His own perfect way, reminding us that He is listening and that He is in control.

Someone gave me a book recently recounting the Israelites exodus from Egypt. I had forgotten that when God led them out of Egypt to the Red Sea, He took the form of a cloud that stayed ahead of His frightened people and led them step by step to where He wanted them to go.

In life, sometimes we all wish God would be so visible like that cloud. But even though we can't see a cloud or see Jesus walking in front of us, the Bible tells us He is always here with us. (Rom 8:9) The Sunday that this all started five weeks ago our minister spoke about God's omnipresence. He said that God is just as present in the good times as he is in the tragic ones, just like He is just as present at church on Sundays as He is in my room as I type this posting. I have thought a lot about that truth since then because I find that after this past month I truly believe it! This may sound kooky but I truly feel God's presence in me and His peace blanketing my soul. And although God may not be a visible cloud walking in front of me on this scary road, like a lamp onto my feet He is leading my every step. And not only that, but He has been so good to me by giving me a little hope each step of the way.

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  1. Yea! Yea! Yea! What great news! I will keep praying she gets more and more! I really don't know how you sit all day. Esp. having another child I know you would love to be chasing around. You are making such an amazing sacrifice (I mean by choosing to make every decision be the best for that sweet baby growing inside you)! And your 2 year old is totally being guarded and loved by God and the rest of your family. And the amazing thing about kids is that they can totally figure out how to have a good time anywhere. I know this is going to bless your relationship with her in ways you cannot even fathom. I know God is using this to make her into the perfect woman he will grow her to be. Hang in there. Praying God helps to quickly pass your days and give you plenty to do. It is great to see what God is teaching you and such a blessing to know he is right there with you! Hope your ceiling got repaired! :)