Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update from Doctor

I wish this posting brought news of amazing changes and miraculous healing. I have not given up hope for that but today things are about the same.

Our doctor saw about the same amount of fluid as a week ago. Of course I am grateful for any fluid, but I was just hoping that after another week of bed rest more had accumulated. The baby is measuring a week behind but he was not very worried about that. We go back to the specialist on Monday where they have a better sonogram machine and will be able to tell us a lot more about the fluid levels and baby's growth. They are always so negative there (I know they are just being factual) but it's just really hard on both of us every time we leave. I just pray that they see something really positive to give us a little more encouragement and hope. We really need that right now.

I feel drained emotionally and physically at this hour. When you spend all your time in the bed a simple car ride can be exhausting. A lot of tears today but tomorrow should be better.

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  1. I'm so sorry Lee....I can't imagine how exhausted you have to be!! I am praying for Monday's appointment right now....for hope (and friendly people).

    Love you guys,