Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adjusted age

We reached Maggie's due date - January 19th - and what a special day that was. We marveled at how our different our lives would have been if I had a normal pregnancy without complications. And how much we have changed, hopefully for the better. And we just gave thanks for having her home. We have to keep reminding ourselves that she is still technically a newborn at 6 pounds, 1 ounce. She has been alive for 2 1/2 months so we forget sometimes that she should be sleeping like a newborn, and not really doing anything much besides eating. Right now Maggie's adjusted age is only 5 days. So for all milestones we will not use her birthday of November 4th, but her due date.

At her doctor's appointment this week her doctor told us that she would be followed closely for the first year to catch any developmental delays. I immediately went home and downloaded an iPhone app to keep track of all of this stuff. All day I worried about it and feeling like I was going to worry every day until we got safely through this first year, and then by the end of the day I realized that maybe that I hadn't changed that much! Have I already forgotten that God is here with his hand over Maggie? That He has taken care of us through all of this and He is not going to stop now? That He hears our prayers and answers them all according to His perfect plan?

I was reminded once again about how healthy Maggie is right now and how far she has come. We are daily pinching ourselves that she is here and alive and doing so well. Her doctor even said right now he has no reason to worry about her development, rather it's just something that they have to watch in all premature babies, especially with mine because of the lack of fluid. So as my grandmother says, "Don't borrow trouble." So I'll try not to. I will try to enjoy every single day of this first year, giving thanks for my precious little angel and will not cease to lift her up in prayer.


  1. I wanted to tell you that Avery's best friend was born at 30 weeks 3.1 pounds and she is a Very entergetic and healthy 3 year old! She actually runs circles around Avery :)
    Ashley Carson

  2. How wonderful that Maggie is home! She is absolutely precious and you all are doing a wonderful job getting adjusted to taking care of her at home. Loved the video of the girls meeting for the first time. So cute. What an uplifting thing to see! Sincerely, Taylor (Sebastian's mom)

  3. She looks so wonderful, Lee! Don't pay attention to those milestones. My sister, who is a pediatric cardiologist at Stanford thinks they need to rewrite all the books anyway, since babies sleep on their backs now. Also, Kate, who was born at 40 weeks and had perfect APGAR scores, is so very behind in her gross motor skills and I wasted SOOO much time, energy, and sleep worrying about that. I know you know this, Maggie is perfectly made by God and all she needs is your love, not your worry! Who knows if we'll walk or wheel our kids into Kindergarten - but does it really matter!?!?!