Saturday, January 9, 2010

Second Day Home

(Video of sisters meeting for first time)

It's been a good first full day home. Justin and I were exhausted this morning after our first night tackling all the medications, breathing treatments and monitor false alarms. We are still figuring out the best place to put Maggie. One thing I didn't think about is that since she is constantly attached to the atom bomb sized oxygen tank in her room we can't move her easily around the house. We have all tripped over one of the three tubes or cords that are attached to Maggie. Thankfully we haven't jerked her too hard yet. Blue, our gignatic labradoodle, wants to be in her room so I have to find ways to keep him out, but since Mary Lawrence is all of sudden quite attached to him, she cries every time I kick him out. So it's been kind of a crazy past 24 hours but we are managing okay and trying to figure out a good routine. Tonight we have a genius new strategy : one of us will sleep while the other does baby duties.

Only problem we are dealing with now is that Mary Lawrence just woke up from her nap with a snotty nose. She has been around Maggie all day and although I have tried not to let her get right in Maggie's face, it is sometimes hard to avoid. But now that she might be getting sick I especially need to keep them apart, which is going to be difficult because Mary Lawrence is very interested in her little sister. She keeps asking her if she wants to play!

So right now I am praying that Maggie stays healthy. The doctor told us no visitors for now to minimize the risk for germs, so hopefully her big sister won't be the one to get her sick for the first time. If she gets sick, it probably means going back to the hospital. So we don't want that!


  1. Such a precious video of your sweet girls. They will LOVE watching that together someday! Continuing to pray for health and a smooth transition for your family!

  2. What a precious sight to see! Thank you for letting us be a part of your difficult journey. I've not posted on your blog yet, but we have been praying for Maggie often. XOXO Jen Blew

  3. Praise the Lord! I work at PCPC and have lifted Maggie up in prayer with every email hospital update we have received over the past several months. What good news that you have her home. I will pray that you can settle everything into a fairly peaceful routine soon!

  4. So excited for y'all Lee. ML is precious meeting her new sister!

  5. What a sweet blessing!! What an amazing God, I give praise for your blessings and continue to pray for you guys.
    Lots of love,
    Leslie Blanchard

  6. I was very sad but elated when I came to work on Friday to see Maggie had gone home. I was sad because I got to know the sweet precious baby Maggie bacame, but, elated that she is at home with her family right where she needs to be. I am confident that you guys are taking awesome care of her. Thanks for entrusting us to take care of your little one. I will be watching for updates!
    and will still keep praying!
    Sondra Parris, RN