Monday, January 11, 2010

First Bath Video

Thought it would be interesting for my family and friends to see how we give her a bath. The NICU bathes them in a blanket to keep them warm. If preemies get too cold it can be dangerous. You just unfold a corner of the blanket and then wash that area and then fold it back over her body so it stays away from the cold air. She loves it!

P.S. Mary Lawrence did not end up having a cold. But yesterday about 4 pm she did throw up. I freaked out for about an hour thinking she was getting the stomach flu and how awful that would be if Maggie got it. But about an hour later Justin and I recounted what she had eaten that day and realized neither one of us had given her lunch (we both thought the other had taken care of that). So all she had to eat all day was frosted mini wheats, a frosted pink donut, and a hershey bar. How awful are we! The hershey bar I gave her yesterday afternoon because we were trying to get some cute pictures and I had to bribe her by breaking off pieces of the bar to get her to do what I wanted. But I ended up using the whole bar, which is what she threw up an hour later. So put us down for the worse parents ever. I am embarassed to write all of this but hopefully other new parents out there won't feel so bad when they neglect their older children like us!

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  1. I think you should be proud that Mary Lawrence ate anything!:) Sometimes I forget to feed my kids and I don't have handle-with-care newborn who needs 24/7 attention. I think my kids' main dietary staples are cheese sticks and nutrigrain bars. Seriously. Don't feel badly, girl. You're a wondermommy! I also bribe my kids to take photos, with hot chocolate and suckers....Jen Blew