Friday, January 8, 2010

A Sweet Homecoming

Praise and glory to the Lord above for He has answered our prayers. Six months ago Justin and I drove home from the hospital in the sweltering July heat after receiving the most devastating news that parents could ever hear: our baby would probably not live. But on this frigid 19 degree day we drove our precious baby home from that same hospital. She's been fighting for her life for six months and now she can finally rest easy at home with her family. Well done, Maggie. We love you so much. And thanks to all who have shared this journey with us. We couldn't have done it without all of the love and support we have received from so many out there!

One last breathing treatment before we left the hospital

let's get out of here!

loved the car...

Sweet friends decorated our house for Maggie's homecoming

ready for baby!

first time for sisters to meet

Someone is really interested

Okay we might have some issues here
(Don't worry, Maggie was not in the bed)


  1. so glad to see your girls together! welcome home sweet maggie. we love you and can't wait to meet you! anne, campbell, campbell, and wells williams

  2. That makes me cry! How sweet! Love it! :) So great for you all to be together- finally!

  3. Yay!!! I'm so glad that she's finally home! I bet y'all need another meal.... when can I bring one? Praying that everything goes perfectly now that Maggie is where she belongs!

  4. Brings tear to my eyes. Praise the Lord!

    Love ya'll,
    Ashley Carson

  5. Oh what a joyous day!! So happy for you all and we cannot wait to meet Maggie. What sweet pictures of your beautiful girls finally together!
    Lindsey, Ryan, Cullum and McCoy