Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I can't believe it. Our little miracle is coming home tomorrow. The tests came back normal and so the doctor is letting her come home. Yesterday we were trained on how to use all of her equipment - the oxygen tank, her monitor, and her breathing treatment. It's a lot but after watching the nurses take care of her for 2 months I feel confident than I can do it, too.

Last night we had a full circle moment. Sorry for the Oprah jargon but it is really true in this case. The NICU makes parents room-in at the hospital with their baby before you bring her home to make sure you are capable of taking care of such a vulnerable and high-maintenance baby. So we did that and what was so neat was that we stayed on the antepartum floor. We got to see a lot of my old nurses and show them the little girl that they help keep inside me for so long.  Justin and I reminisced about the whole experience and cringed at thinking about how miserable it was sleeping in the hospital every night -Justin on the pull out chair and me on the hospital bed with the plastic mattress that was so uncomfortable. It's funny how we look back and just can't imagine how we survived it.

I couldn't sleep last night, of course, so as I looked around the room I thought about those difficult nights I experienced in the hospital where I would cry and sob and pray for my unborn baby's life.  The reason I put that Lamentations verse on this site is because that's what I did every night : Cry out in the night and plead for the life of my child. And  it is was such an amazing thing - a full circle moment - to look over at Maggie sleeping peacefully in her crib and say, thank you Jesus. He heard our cries and he lifted us out of the miry pit we were in for so long. And He gave us a precious little girl that is perfect in every way.



  1. Lee, I am so happy for you all and so encouraged by how faithful you were in prayer and how faithful He has been in hearing and answering you.

  2. So happy for your family! We'll continue to pray that Maggie does well at home and continues to thrive! What a miracle.
    Michelle Cearley

  3. That is awesome news! We are so happy for all of you! Praying for adjusting to having her at home. Although, I think you have already adjusted to the hardest parts, so I am sure this will be easy in comparison. Yea! God is good!

  4. Hooray! So glad she's coming home. Enjoy having both your girls in the same place - I'm so happy for you!