Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!!

Loved taking a bath yesterday - she's 5 ounds, 3 ouncces now.

No tubes on! (they were changing them out) and she did just fine without them for a litlte while.

Uncles Will (aka "Buddy") met her for the first time

Big Poppa and Maggie

Mary Lawrence's experience with Santa on Christmas Eve

She did get on his lap after being bribed sucessfully with a candy cane

You can't see it but it started snowing as we left the downtown Neiman's and snowed the rest of Christmas Eve. We had a white Christmas!

A Video of our little munchkin after her bath. The little 'stickers' on her chest monitor her vital signs. (sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn't - can't figure out why.)


  1. Maggie looks great and the picture of Mary Lawrence and Santa is hilarious! Happy New Year!

  2. The pictures of Mary Lawrence and Maggie are such a joy to see! Glad that your Christmas was a good one.....I was happy to see the video of Maggie...
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Isaiah 40:31

  3. So sweet! I can already see the resemblance to ML, especially in the first picture. Happy New Year!

  4. lee,
    she is looking amazing...and i love her sweet face. she is a strong little girl and God continues to wrap His arms around your family. you all continue to be in my prayers.
    julie mckinney scarborough