Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Most piercing sound you've ever heard

Note to self: when you've just spent 2 hours at the doctor and have spent the majority of your time there making a bumbling fool out of yourself getting the cords caught in the door, stroller, etc, and all you want on the way home is a large sweet tea with lemon from Chick Fil-A to relieve your stress, think twice about making that 10 minute detour. I found out today that the monitor only stays charged for about 2.5 hours and so as we are pulling out of the drive thru, on came the louder-than-smoke-alarm sound right into my poor baby's ear. I didn't know if I was more worried about her losing her hearing on the way home or the battery actually dying and then I wouldn't know if she stopped breathing while I was frantically driving home. It was so loud that a police officer stopped next to me at a light looked over and made a questioning face to see if everything was ok. Mortifying.  Mark that down for another stupid thing Lee does with Maggie. Oh well, we made it home without incident and I have to say, the sweet tea was not worth the near heart attack I just experienced.

PS Eye doctor wants us back in  weeks to check again but so far everything is okay.


  1. Next time ask the officer for a police escort home:)

  2. Lee, first let me say I was so glad you left me the note with your blogspot information. I love following our graduates as they grow bigger and stronger. I have to say, I had a little laugh as I read this post, do you remember our conversation a few days before discharge about a previous graduate who called 911 for a monitor alarm? At least you didn''t have to call 911 (they appeared for you). Perhaps the home care company has a car charger. One wwould think in this daya nd age they would have car chargers for them. I am glad to see you are doing so well. But then I knew you would! Enjoy every moment with your girls. It is always a little dauting for parents to bring their preemies home. Take care and God bless!