Friday, November 6, 2009

First feeding

Maggie had her first blood transfusion today which went well. They have to do it bc they are constantly drawing blood for labs and she can't produce enough to keep up.

We also got to feed her for the first time. Actually it was just putting a syringe of breast milk into her feeding tube but it was neat. We won't know for a while how she will respond.

She did really well again today. They have been able to turn down settings on the ventilator as she is getting a bit stronger. Get ready for another miracle- the dr. told us this morning that her lungs are not hypoplasmic anymore (that is what they call small lungs due to no amniotic fluid). The medicine and ventiliator have stretched out her lungs enough to be normal 29 week lungs! It was truly stunning to hear.

Her blood pressure is a little high tonight and they are doing an x ray to see if her lungs are expanding too much from the ventiliator and compressing her heart. How ironic would that be if her lungs were stretching too much! If so, they will turn down the vent again. But we are praying about that.

And then more good news... When we went in tonight they were giving her caffeine. Why is that good? Because it is the first step of many in taking her off the ventilator. Astounding that after three days she is doing that well. Now I am not sure if that means she will be moved from the high frequency ventilator to a more conventional one, or if it means getting her off all vents. Regardless, it is encouraging.

We are focusing on all the good news today and praising God for it. We keep praying for our Maggie to grow healthy and strong and for all her tests to keep coming back with positive results.


  1. Truly a Miracle ... we have an awesome God. Hope y'all can get some good sleep tonight. We will keep up the praying! love you.

  2. Such good news! Prayers for all of you that the Lord will continue to provide all that you need. He has, He is, and He will!
    Isaiah 40:31

  3. What wonderful news! Know that prayers for all of you are continually being lifted to our God.

    Mrs. Simpson

  4. This is just so incredible! We are praying for Maggie!

    Lindsey 'Lytle' March