Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Maggie is doing better. Things are always changing so please keep praying. Those first few days are critical. These are things they are concerned about:

1. Oxygen saturation needs to be higher
2. Blood pressure needs to stabilize
3. Overall state of the lungs needs to improve
4. No Brain bleed

We are praying for these things. Justin is with her most of the time and I have been just been in. She looks so healthy for a baby her age. Her coloring is good they have her sedated but she still moves and makes faces. For a baby for what she has been through she has no visuble birth defects or muscle malformations. She truly is a miracle! Her lungs are not where a 29 weeker usually are but a lot better than expected for a baby with little or no fluid. It took them several hours but they finally got her ventilated and stable. She is on a high frequency ventilator and seems to be responding better than the first machine she was on.

It's so hard not to be in there with her nonstop. We've been so attched for months and now I feel so helpless. I held her hand and touched her precious blonde head. She is our precious miracle and I am not ceasing to pray for her to do well in the NICU and come home as soon as possible.

Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray for those specific things and that this first week she will do great.


  1. Lee,we are praying with you for your sweet miracle! Praying for all the specifics and for strength for you guys right now too. Thank you for updating.I can't imagine how hard it is for you to leave her in the NICU. How are you doing since your c-section? Praying for quick healing and for Mary Lawrence. This is probably a lot for her to take in. Praying each minute God strengthens every cell of Maggie's body.

  2. lee, hang in there! get as much rest as you can right now. as hard as it is, just try. i loved being in the hospital after charlie was born. i would go to the NICU early, early in the morning and just sit with her. maggie is great hands and has so many prayers going up for her. try to take care of yourself and heal. i know it is all easier said then done. i am praying for all of you! are you doing okay?

  3. that last post was from me, lee!

    julie mckinney scarborough

  4. Lee, Claire forwarded your blog to me recently and I have been following Maggie's progress. This is such good news but also many needs outstanding - I will continue to pray! I know that it is the hardest thing to have your baby in the nicu and to feel so helpless. Visit her and talk to her as much as you can (some doctors say they can't hear you or it won't make a difference but I know they can and hearing and feeling mommy and daddy present will help her so much). Congratulations on your sweet girl and please keep us posted so we can continue to know what to pray for! With love, Nicole

  5. I have not stopped praying....she definitely is a little miracle baby!! So proud of ya'll...Maggie has two amazing parents.

  6. I hate that I'm just now finding and catching up on your blog...

    Please remember the encouraging words you guys gave Ben and I just a few weeks ago... Hold onto each other, (try to) stay positive, and keep your eyes on God!! Maggie has already amazed everyone, she is a fighter!!

    From being where we've been I know nothing we can say will make things better but it did feel good to hear how many people were/are praying!!

    We serve a great God and through Him all things are possible!!

    I pray that Maggie continues to impress us all, the wisdom of her caregivers, and the strength of her parents/grandparents, etc..

    Praying daily,
    Sarah and Ben