Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov 17

Well Maggie officially takes after her big sister in the tantrum department. I held her for about an hour yesterday and today and both times when they took her from me and put her back in her incubator she pitched a huge fit. Nurses passing by were stunned at how loud her cry has become over just a few days. Ever since she has been in the NICU her nurses described her as "feisty." Now I know what they mean! And it was very obvious it was not a cry of pain but a cry of anger. She did not want to be moved from her mama!

I love our time together each day. I sing to her the same songs I sang to her when I was on bed rest. "Jesus loves me," "You are my sunshine," and "He's got the whole world in his hands" I love to look at her up close. Her little hands are about the size of the end of my thumb. Her toes are so small, yet so perfect. I swear her head is smaller than an orange. After months of being told that there was so much that could be wrong with our baby, I am still amazed at God's perfect creation before me. My mom was able to see her for the first time  this week (they had a ban on visitors because of swine flu) and her first comment after we left was how she was just like any other newborn (just smaller of course!). After so much uncertainty about Maggie, here she is before us, strong and healthy and precious as ever.


  1. Lee,
    I haven't gotten to tell you yet but Congratulations! What an answer to prayers for Maggie to be here! I am so happy for ya'll and can't wait to meet that sweet girl.
    Love, Ashley Carson

  2. this is such fabulous news, lee. i've been following your blog and am so happy to hear about your miracle maggie. what a wonderful gift!

    -Sharon Strong Cowell

  3. Lee and Justin,
    What a blessing!! I am so thankful for the time you have had with your precious Maggie. I read your blog and I am reminded of how wonderful the "small" things are. I hear the joy in your words and I am thankful!! What an amazing God we have. I will continue to pray for Maggie's health, your strength, and that you will continue to find the joy in all of the "small" things!!
    Leslie Dodd Blanchard