Friday, November 27, 2009

First Setback

The doctors aren't sure what's going on with Maggie. She is having too many episodes of heart slowing/stopping breathing. They are giving her a blood transfusion to see if perhaps she is not getting enough oxygen to her heart. If that doesn't work then they will do a lot more tests and X rays as she might have an infection. We are praying that the transfusion solves this problem and it's not something more serious.


  1. I'll pray that the transfusion will work. Tukk had a few problems with brady's like that and it scared me to death. It's so hard when these little guys take a step back, but just remember it's very normal when you're in the NICU. Not like knowing that it's normal makes it any easier! Hang in there. We're praying for you and Maggie!

  2. Lee and Justin,
    Praying for you guys and Maggie. I pray the transfusion will work. I also pray for your strength and peace. Continue to take it one day at a time as much as you can. You are in our prayers!
    Leslie Dodd Blanchard