Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 5

Maggie is having a relatively good day. They said she could be in a "honeymoon period" where premies do really well the first day or so and then backtrack a lot. Her blood pressure seems to be regulating a lot better, which is good, and they are reducing oxygen levels which is also good. They have her wrapped up real tightly in the fetal position to mock what would be happening in the womb. Justin has been with her a lot and last night got to help change her teeny diaper. They said maybe tomorrow they coukd start feeding her breast milk through her feeding tube.

Some of the things they are concerned about and we are praying for are:

1. Lungs are underdeveloped so pray for them to grow and strengthen
2. There is a good chance she has an infection they say but won't know for a few days. Praying against this and that each day she will get a little stronger and healthier
3.,She is jaundice
4. She is having a scan on Monday to see if she has any brain bleeds, please pray that she doesn't have any.
5. Pray that she continues to do well on the current ventilator.

Sorry I haven't updated more. I am having a rough recovery and actually just got down to visit her for the first time today. It's so hard cause I want to be right by her side nonstop but I physically can't. And it's scary to see your child hooked up to a dozen machines but I know it's the best thing for her. I so badly just want her to recover and grow so I can take her home soon. I talked to her and sang to her today. They have her sedated and she was sleeping peacefully. Her chest is
moving up and down rhythmically from the machine. She is so tiny but so precious. I just pray that she continues to slowly make progress and do better each day and that doesn't backtrack but only moves forward.

Thank you for all your continued prayers. I can't tell you how much it means to Justin and me.


  1. Lee,
    I've been checking your blog nonstop and praying for Maggie, you, and Justin during this rough time. Thoughts and prayers are constantly coming your way from Birmingham.

    Lisa Blomquist

  2. Lee & Justin,
    thanks for keeping us updated. I know that it is hard for you to do, but we anxiously await the good news that you are sending. Good thoughts and prayers are still flowing for your speedy recovery and for Maggie's continued progress. Love to you all.