Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nov 21

We are so blessed that we have Maggie and that she is doing so well. Yesterday she was taken off the CPAP machine (which was like a little oxygen mask held in place by a Velcro straps around her head). Now she just has a nasal cannula, which is just a thin, clear tube in her nose. It's really the first time since birth we've gotten a good look at her beautiful face. Today I talked and sang to her while she looked at me. She is wearing a pink cap my mom bought for her and is looking more healthy every day that passes.

Today they took out her IV (or picc line) through her foot so she is getting all her nutrition from milk now, which is great. With a lot of this wires and tubes removed we hope she is more comfortable. I am longing to hold her but haven't in a few days cause Mary Lawrence has had a bad cold and I kind of felt like I was getting it. They keep telling me kangaroo care is so good for her but surely risking giving her a virus outweighs that! Thankfully I am feeling fine again, except for feeling tired, so maybe I can hold her tomorrow.

We are reminded daily by nurses and doctors how blessed we are and how different the situation could have been. A lot of them praise me for staying in the bed and keeping her in me so long, but that makes me uncomfortable as I know I could never have done it on my own accord. I always try (most of the time in a bumbling sort of way) to give the credit back to God, but a lot of times my statements to that effect go unnoticed. I hope we keep having these opportunities to praise God, though. And I pray that our story will be one of hope for others going through this and other trials like it.

Thanks for all the continued prayers for Maggie. Going to post more photos soon...

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  1. Hi,
    I know you don't know me. I kind of stumbled across your blog by accident. I’ve been reading and praying about you for a little while. I hadn’t been on my blog for a few weeks so logged on today and took a look at your blog. I just wanted to say a massive congratulations on Maggie. She definitely is a true miracle. I definitely admire you for how strong you’ve been and your faith has been throughout your pregnancy. Take care.