Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In active labor, drs arecstill consulting what to do but looks like headed that way. Please pray for our Maggie to come out thriving and for the best possible NICU team to be on hand. Lord help us, thy will by done.


  1. I'm so glad to read that you got a little bit of sleep, Justin is there resting so that he'll be by your and Maggie's side ready for whatever is next, and that you had some "calm before the storm," as you said.

  2. Praying this morning for y'all- peace for you, health for Maggie, wisdom for the doctors and nurses!!!

  3. Lee, Justin,and Maggie - I woke up this morning drawn to come here but have been praying throughout the morning and I guess most of the night, reading late last night your update. This morning in Jesus Calling he said "You are wondering how you will cope with all that is expected of you.You must traverse this day like any other, one step at a time. Instead of thinking what you will do, keep your mind on My Presence, and on taking the next step. I designed you for deep dependance on your Shepherd-King. I will give strength to you, and I will bless you with peace".

    I love the fact that the songs have carried you through this night of waiting. One night after many months of Megan's illness, I remember dreaming the phrase of a hymn - "Jesus doeth all things well" When I woke I went and found it. "All the way my Savior leads me, what have i to ask beside? Can I doubt his tender mercy who through life has been my guide. Heavenly peace divinist comfort, her by faith in Him to dwell! For I know what er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well". And the second verse says in part - " THought my weary steps may falter and my soul a thirst may be, gushing from the Rock before me, lo! A spring of joy I see!

    I am praying for the spring of joy and in my mind and heart I am trusting that that is Maggie, a spring of joy, bursting forth, healthy, beautiful, perfect in God's eyes. I am waiting in prayer and God's faithful deliverance. I love you. Marcia