Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov 15

Just saw Maggie and was pretty bummed out that I couldn't hold her today. Both times I went up there weren't good times and so I really feel like I missed out. After getting to hold her once I just long to hold her again.

They only let you do kangaroo care once a day and the nurses like to do it when they are already doing other stuff to her (like changing her diaper, feeding her, etc). They call it "cluster care." Hopefully I will be able to tomorrow. It's really neat- they tell you to wear a button down shirt and they literally button her up inside your shirt!

We have a few specific prayer requests:
1. Babies in our NICU often get "primary nurses." This means that every time your baby's primary nurse is working she takes care of your baby. And a nurse can only be a primary nurse for one baby. We have a great weekday primary nurse but have yet to get a weeknight or weekend primary nurse. We have loved all the nurses we've had on the weenights and weekends but they all already are primary nurses for someone else. There's no consistency and it makes me nervous that she is getting a different nurse almost every day. We are praying that God will provide the perfect primary nurses for Maggie during these times so she will have the best care possible.

2. The second prayer we have tonight is for her feedings. Maggie is doing great so far but she is only about halfway where she needs to be. There are serious complications that can arise in preemies from digestive problems so we are praying that Maggie does not develop any of these complications. And also that she continues to increase the amount she eats with no problems so she can keep growing.

3. Pray against infection.

Thank you to all for continuing to pray. She has done so amazingly well that it's easy to forget that she is still so small and so fragile and still has a long way to go before she can come home. We continue to lift her up in prayer as we thank God for how far we have come.

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