Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 10

Maggie is doing great on the conventional ventilator. They have turned her settings down to the lowest the machine will go which means she will be coming off of that soon (Amazing!) Her feedings are going better and she is having 2cc's every 6 hours (still a tiny amount!)

Tomorrow is her brain scan, which will show if she has had any brain bleeds. Trauma at birth and the first few days of life can cause the brain to bleed- which can range from mild to severe. We are praying that she doesn't have any bleeding and that we are able to cross this last big hurdle her first week of life.


  1. Dear Lee,

    This is such wonderful news! I pray that Maggie's lungs continue to grow and strengthen, that her brain scan is perfect, and that she continues to take milk, 2ccs at a time and more, that the doctors and nurses are given wisdom to do the right thing and that He is glorified in all of this celebration of life. You and your family are so strong and I just praise God that He has brought Maggie this far. It must be so hard to be away from her, but you know that she is where she needs to be, and you can work on your own strenghth, too. Oh I hear little feet coming down the stairs... it is so hard to get time on the computer! I am just so happy for you and so amazed by our awesome God! Thank you for continuing to post updates so we know what to pray for! ~Taylor

  2. Lee, we'll be praying about the brain scan. Our Kate had to have a brain MRI at 15 months to check for bleeds, water, etc after we'd noticed significant delays and the neurologist saw how rough her delivery had been. So I may have an inkling of an idea of how you feel going into this part of your ordeal. We'll pray for miraculously clean scans. Will she also be having an EEG or just MRI? Or maybe something else I don't know about that they do in this situation?

  3. Praise God. He is so great! My prayers will continue that tomorrow brings joyful news. Love to all

  4. AWESOME news! Yea! Go Maggie! (well, and God of course!) We will be praying for her brain scan. I am so thankful you are sharing this journey with all of us. It is amazing to see God's hand. I can't wait to update our church!