Tuesday, November 3, 2009


They have moved me down to labor and delivery. I have been heavily bleeding all night and they want to monitor Maggie and me closely. I had a bad feeling all night and have been in constant prayer that this bleeding stops so Maggie can stay inside me a few more weeks. But they have made it clear that they have to weigh the benefits and risks of keeping her in me. If it looks like my health is in danger they will take her. Praying that whenever it is time, they are able to get her out in time with no complications. I'm frightened, but know I don't need to be. As Justin said last night, Maggie's number of days is already written in the book of life. I know that but it doesn't mean I can't still plead for her life and pour out my deepest desires for this to all end with joyful news.


  1. Hi Lee,
    I've been reading your blog and praying for you ever since Kelly told me about your blog. Your faith through this whole experience has been inspiring. You are an amazing person and a wonderful mom. I will be praying for you and Maggie as you are in L&D today. The Lord is with you!!
    Laura Krauss

  2. Praying for you Lee! I hope everything goes well and your bleeding stops soon without having to deliver. Praying for the drs. to have wisdom past themselves. Stay in there sweet Maggie- just a little longer! Justin is right, God is in complete control and you are right-plead for that sweet baby's sweet life. Doing it right along with you. Praying that God will give you guys all peace and truly make his presence known with you.